Visual Studies – Creative Arts Today – Pg 11. Ex 3

Clare Allan – Little Hayfield from Lantern Pike

Clare Allan, (2018), Little Hayfield from Lantern Pike [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 9 April 2019].

A Brief Description…

A Steep, cascading, windswept footpath leads your eye straight down to a scatting of houses, littering the bottom of the valley standing amongst patchwork fields and deep green woodland. The use of bold, deliberate, vertical stripes makes you feel as if you are about to fall down this very steep bank!

My Views…

Initially, when looking at this piece it reminded me of comic book art, almost cartoon-like in style. I really liked the use of greens, blues and greys which help to set this windy windery scene. It makes me want to wrap up in a warm coat, gloves and a scarf and head off to explore the village below.

This Task…

I found this task fairly difficult to complete, There is so much I could have written about the piece, however it was difficult to limit it to around 50 words per section. I may approach a similar task by starting with a string of words which come into my mind. Then reading through to pick out my favourites and come up with a description from there.

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