Visual Studies 1: Creative Arts Today: Part one: Contemporary Art: Page 32, Reading Task and Exercise 1

Reading Task

Time and Place

I found this task a little difficult to complete as I found it difficult to think of how time and place fits together in terms of visual reading. I have tried to explain my thoughts as best as I can.

The context of a piece of work can have a great impact on how it is received. For example, with Hirst’s work the samples of dead animals, in a natural history museum, would not be unusual or shocking. However, in a gallery setting they become something entirely different. They become something more than an object  to look at and analyse in a biological sense, they spark discussions and leave them open to interpretation and debate.

When in a gallery setting the general atmosphere changes with the architecture of the building itself. A very modern gallery may look odd with renaissance paintings, and a very old building may look strange with some of the more contemporary pieces. This leaves some deliberation for the gallery owner, or museum curator as to fully appreciate some works the setting surrounding them needs to fit too. For example, some artists who choose to display in large warehouses as their work needs to be appreciated in a large space.

The timing of a piece itself can also be important, if a piece is too long you can lose interest, or too short the message and meaning may not fully be understood (unless that is the intention of course)

Time can be important when choosing to release a piece to the market too. A piece representing a particular issue which is currently represented  in the media would be better launched whilst the issue is popular. Leave it too late and the piece may lose its impact. For example, at the moment with Brexit, images representing this enjoy more limelight, however a year or so after the event people may no longer be as interested in the work.

Exercise 1

Observations on Time

I have not really thought about the concept of time other than in terms of seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years.

Time always seems to go quicker when you are enjoying something and slower when you are not.

A journey home normally feels faster than the journey to somewhere.

Sometimes time seem to go quicker than you think it has. “Oh is that the time already?” or sometimes slower “ahh, it is only 5, it seems later than that”

Time in Artwork

Apart from considerations of creation date and era, I have not thought about time in artwork before.

When thinking of time and pieces of art my first thought was that of The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali.

The clocks seem to be slipping away (literally) and time itself with it. Perhaps a reminder that time does not last forever, or perhaps it does and you are just not there to experience it?

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