Visual Studies 1: Creative Arts Today: Part one: Contemporary Art: Page 24 & 24, Exercise 1 & 2

Exercise 1: Fountain

A few words I used to describe Duchamp’s Fountain

I do not really like this item as a piece of art, I find it rather boring and not something I would want myself. I am not sure how it is considered art, perhaps because it looks somewhat like a seal or whale?

Exercise 2: What is Art?

What is art?

To me, art is something which is created for others to look at, it is something which is to be displayed and enjoyed. It can also be an item which is found, such as art in nature.

How do we know it is art?

Art can be something which is created for the purpose of being art, for an example a painting or sculpture. It is something which has come as a creative output from someone’s mind. It should look appealing, although not necessarily to everyone. It should be something you may want todisplay in your home or show to others.

Who decides what is art?

Art is often determined by experts in the field such as gallery owners, collectors and dealers; however I feel it should ultimately be decided by the consumer and what they would consider art.

Is it enough just to display a found object and say ‘this is art’ because it’s in an art gallery?

If an object is found it should be aesthetically pleasing, something which you would want to bring into your home.  Something unique.

Duchamp said he wanted “to put art back in the service of the mind”. What do you think he meant by this?

I think he means that a piece of art should spark a discussion; you need to look at the piece yourself and decide if you like it. It shouldn’t be art just because someone has told you it is, what art is for you, may not be for someone else.

Is technical skill an important quality in an artwork?

Depends what you want to achieve, if you are creating art for your own enjoyment then artwork can be anything you like. If you wanted to create a photorealism piece then some technical skill would be needed. The skill isn’t always as important if you like the end result, the story of the piece and how it came to be is important too.

Do you think art needs to move you emotionally?

Not necessarily, I think it is fine to like a piece of work “just because”.

Does art have to be unique?

I think art can be inspired by or similar to other artists work but it should be distinguishable as your own.

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